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The Production Factory is your partner in the field of technical event production and site production.

The Production Factory has been supporting numerous projects both domestically and internationally since the 1990s. Through technical advice, project management, and CAD design work, we act as the bridge between the organizer and suppliers. With a team of experienced production managers, we excel in translating every creative idea into a technically feasible production.

By planning and budgeting realistically, we ensure structure during both the preparation and execution of the event. With the right coordination at site, we contribute to a smooth production, a pleasant working atmosphere, and an unforgettable event.

We can join a project from the very beginning to gain optimal control over the production. This way, we support the client from the design process through to on-site execution. Our transparent communication ensures that you, as the organizer, are always aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

With a team of experienced production managers and an international network, we cater to organizers both domestically and abroad. Through collaborations with facility suppliers, we can respond swiftly and offer materials, expertise, and services at the highest level.

Our projects range from theatre to festivals, concerts to trade show presentations, and TV production to corporate events. Over the years, we have had the privilege of preparing and executing numerous productions for clients such as MOJO Concerts, XSAGA, IDTV, Bosch, Volkswagen AG, and Facebook.

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