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Gerrit Kuster

General management / Production management

Co-founder of The Production Factory. Well-versed in the preparation and execution of festivals and concerts. Prefers to be on-site to ensure the successful completion of all ongoing productions.

Hans Graumans

Technical production management

You can trust Hans for precise production. With his extensive experience in lighting technology, no production-related question is too big for Hans.

Rutger Scharloo

General management / Production management

Site crew, promoter, creative agency; a wide range of experiences that are used to bring every production to a successful conclusion.

Michel Reesink

Technical production management

Robin Stougie

Technical production management

Jules Thijssen

Stagemanagement / Technical production management

A familiar face on national and international stages.
Worked with the biggest artists on earth and always recognizable by his black cap, shorts, and boots.

Mick Froeling

Technical production management

Founder of The Production Factory. Retired since September 1, 2018, but when you're born in the circus ring, and you've smelled the sawdust, you never lose that passion. That's why Mick is still active as a mentor and advisor. And in exceptional cases, he's also active as a Senior Technical Producer.

Pascale Hagen

Office management

Invoices, contracts, schedules... behind every team, a rock of support.

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